Empaths are usually considered to be the leaders of the world. They are people with heightened senses, people that not only perceive all the different energies around them, but they also feel them, understand them.

Those of you who do not belong to the category of empaths, might believe that this skill to feel what other people feel is a gift. However, if an empath decides to talk about what you consider a gift, they will admit that it’s not always fun and easy. Actually, very often it is not easy at all.

Just because of their “gift”, so many people ask them for a support. All the people trust empaths because they make people feel secure. And just because the empath is always busy dealing with other people’s feelings, they usually forget to take care of their own.

The negative side of being an empath appears when the two contradictory voices appear, yelling at each other inside of their minds. They continuously feel the good and the bad, the positive and the negative, to an extent that they feel drained.

Empaths are at a greater risk of feeling the negative energies. Their extreme capacity to feel everything, leads them to many evils that are deeply rooted in the world. Their profound understanding of how the world exists and works is more than enough to puzzle and bring them down. What’s incomprehensible for them is the reason why this destructible energy exists in a first place.

The negative side of an empath is being drained and exhausted all the time from the energies they attract to themselves. But you’d never notice anything, because they’d never show any weakness. They silently watch, recognize and feel.

As everyone else in this world, empaths don’t want to be judged and labeled for who they are. But because of their kind nature and generosity, they are often victims of those who only take and never give.  Empaths always give without asking for anything in return.

The negative side of being an empath is not being aware that their selflessness can cause them so much pain. Although there are some empaths who are aware of the danger brought by their selflessness, they still decide to pay no attention to it. This is because, according to their theory of life, accepting that weight is more significant than letting it fall on other people’s shoulders.

The negative side of being an empath is being aware that you gladly ignore both your mind and body for the happiness of others. This repeats year after year until you completely lose yourself and forget who you really are.

The negative side of being an epmath is being aware that even after they find the love of their life, they don’t love with their whole heart. They are aware that if they do so, the strength of the feelings would be so powerful that neither they nor their partners would be able to handle it.

This is why they always have some hidden little part which is kept only for them and it’s their little secret. If it is necessary they can keep a guard up, although they die from the desire to let it down and surrender to that irresistible love.

The negative side of being an empath is the war they always wage within themselves. The war waged against the sorrow, darkness and extreme sadness felt deep down. All these undeniable sorrow, pain and sadness are always trying to become alive and show them the way to self-destruction.

In order to fight this successfully, they have to learn to make difference between their own emotions and emotions that come from the other people around them. What is more, empaths need to be surrounded by people who completely recognize who they really are. They need a person in front of whom they can express their real feelings and someone who can listen to them intensively.

Empaths have to try to take down the wall they’ve built up in front of their feelings, so they can enable themselves release from all the suffering in their own life. Otherwise, they are predestined to fight and endless war within themselves.

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