We’ve all heard the expression “money can’t buy happiness”. That’s partly true, but money can bring happiness in numerous ways. Nowadays all the people seek out instant satisfaction all the time. Most of the people think that happiness is having the latest and greatest technology out there, although they don’t find it useful at all and they don’t really need that luxury so much.

That happiness, however, won’t last very long and they will have to seek out other means of making them happy. For instance, buying the newest phone or tablet will definitely make us happy, but that happiness will last until the new version of that phone/tablet comes out.

If you ask us, we think that life experiences have an opposite effect. For example, planning a big vacation may seem extremely expensive, but as soon as you experience the new place, you will realize that it was worth the money.

Imagine talking about your smart phone that you’ve bought 5 years ago… that’s almost impossible right? But you will definitely be talking about some wonderful experience that you had.

In this article you will read about 4 good reasons why spending money on experiences is better than spending money on possessions.

Nature As One of the Best Experiences

Sometimes it’s not necessary to spend a fortune in order to get a good experience. After a long stressful day you can relax by taking a break and enjoying in the park or near a body of water. Silence your thoughts and just enjoy observing the nature and your surroundings. Nature always surprises by showing us some of her unusual abilities that can change your perspective of life.

You Will Be Talking About The Trips For Years

Regardless whom you are going with on a vacation – your partner or family members – you will always retell some of your experiences. We don’t say that buying a new TV can’t make you happy, but that happiness is going to last until the TV gets outdated. So, thousands dollars spent on the TV, won’t make you as happy as travelling to a new destination and experiencing new cultures and many other things. We are talking about long-term happiness here. Getting a new perspective of a certain country, city or state will bring greater fulfillment and you will be talking about it for years!

When You Are Happy Money Isn’t Such A Burden

Recalling memories about a vacation that you made in the past, naturally brings a positive energy and happiness. You will remember each and every new experience and when you recall some memories of that experience you will say, “That was worth all the money I spent!” Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to the newest gadgets that you bought, even if you did felt fulfilled at the time.

Experiences Mean a Lot to You

The truth is, money cannot be earned easily nowadays. It appears to me that we are all working in order to save some money that will help us survive when we can retire. But still, most of the people take some kind of big vacation at least once in a few years. Why is that’s so? It’s because trips mean a lot to us. Whether it’s a short trip only for the weekend or a longer trip that lasts for a whole week, it means a lot to our body and mind. Those moments, those beautiful experiences are what make life meaningful and money loses its value.

Everyone who wants to live a more fulfilling life and create unforgettable memories should try experiencing new things rather than buying new things!

You may discover that you feel more satisfied with your life even when you don’t spend a lot of money. Use every moment that you can to experience something new, to create some unforgettable memory and to do what makes you truly happy!

We hope that this article gave you a new perspective of life and woke up some of your best memories from some trip that you’ve had.

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