The drink is so powerful that it can cleanse the toxins, and only that, but also it will reduce the blood pressure, boost the metabolism, burn the fat and fight diabetes.

All these health benefits and many more are present because of the natural ingredients which enable you to feel great and most of all, healthy.

This homemade detox drink consists cinnamon, which is quite effective when it comes to treating cholesterol and diabetes, as well as helping in losing a few pounds. In a study, participants took 1 to 6g of cinnamon daily, for 40 days.

Detox Drink

According to results, all participants had better blood sugar and cholesterol levels then before the study. Being more precise, the blood sugar levels were lowered for 24 percent, while the cholesterol was decreased for 18 percent.

But, the experts claim that people having any liver disease must avoid cinnamon.

More common ingredient that can treat diabetes is apple cider vinegar. Many studies show that it can lower the blood sugar flow in diabetics by 25 to 50%, and Another ingredient that helps the treatment of diabetes is apple cider vinegar. It was shown that it can lower the blood sugar surge in diabetics by 25-50 %, and improve the insulin sensitivity by 19 to 34%.

Another benefit of the apple cider vinegar is that it can help in the weight loss process and the hypertension. Because of the acetic acid-content, it can decrease the high levels of blood pressure. In a study, there was a proof of the acetic acid reducing enzyme activity called renin which regulates the blood pressure.

As one of the most known ingredients for weight loss, apple cider vinegar can easily achieve your desirable weight. It is possible only because of the high amount of pectin, which can lower tha appetite and can make you feel full.

Look at the recipe below and make the effective homemade detox drink to gain many health benefits.


  • One glass of water
  • 2 tbsp. Lemon juice
  • Of ACV
  • 1 tsp. Of cinnamon
  • honey


All you need to do is to mix the ingredients in a blender until the juice is smooth, like in the video below. Make sure you drink it every day to see results.

Via: Health And Love Page