Yesterday morning I went out to take my dog for a walk, when suddenly I heard the loudest “CAW” coming right in front of me. I looked up at the tree in front of me and noticed a crow perched on the edge of a branch. When I looked at it, it cawed once again and flew away. I immediately thought, “Oh my god, someone is going to die soon!”

I honestly think that many people would think the same. Crows have always been a symbol of death, probably because they are birds that eat dead animals. There are numerous myths connected to carrion birds. For instance, vultures and ravens are believed to be symbols of war, misfortune and death, and some people believe that they are familiars of witches.

Knowing all this, it came to me that maybe death is not the only one symbol of the crows, so I decided to do a little research on this topic.

Of course, these are not scientifically proven facts and probably most of the people don’t agree with the mythical representations that birds have. So my advice is to keep an open mind if you’ve decided to read further.

Facts about Crows

Crows are characterized by incredibly high intelligence. They are as intelligent as chimpanzees and they have an excellent memory too. There was a study conducted by Dr. John Marzluff from the University of Washington together with his team. They were all wearing “dangerous face” masks while they were trapping some crows. After they caught them, they released the birds at five sites. Whenever they put the masks again, the researchers received a very aggressive response from the crows that were in the area. This shows how good their memory is and also that they have warned the other crows too.

Crows Symbolism


The crow is considered to be a warning sign of death because it is believed to guide the souls from the realm of the living into the afterlife. The crows possess incredible knowledge of the changes of life and death and the changes that take place throughout the cycles of life. So when you see a crow, it can be some warning or even some spiritual blessing.

In the past people believed that a crow comes in the yard when death is near. Then after someone has died the crow comes again. This symbolizes a special message from the person that has just died and the most important thing is to see when and where the crow comes because it’s a telling sign of the message that has been sent.

However, these are very old interpretations and nowadays the appearance of a crow is usually interpreted as the passing of the old and the birth of something new.


Crows are very strong and adaptable birds. They can survive almost all conditions and they eat almost everything too.

The crow symbolizes change. Since the craws use to build their nests very high on the trees, they’ve seen everything that is going on around them. That’s how they’ve developed the ability to see our personal aura. They use this ability to detect someone who is extremely desperate and hopeless. Their crow reminds those people that it’s time for a change; that they have to wake up; they have to awaken their authentic soul as well and become just as strong and adaptable as they are.

Magic and Clairvoyance

Crows not only deliver the messages of change but they also serve as reminders about the creation and magic that is all around us. The crow has black color which symbolizes creation. It’s the womb where the new thing starts to grow. The night is black but it gives birth to the new day.

I also found that the crow may appear close to you in order to tell you that you should use your “second sight” which is also known as “the gift of clairvoyance”. This gift makes you capable of seeing beyond what an ordinary human being is capable of seeing.

After I’ve read about these symbols on the internet, I realized that the crow I saw wanted to tell me that I should make an enormous change in my lifestyle, in the way I see myself and the world around me. The crow wanted to tell me that it’s about time I started living in the power of my true identity. I think that this can be applied to all of us. Sometimes everyone needs to be reminded to stop for a moment and think whether they live in the way they really want to live; whether they are being their true self; and whether they are using their true potential. In my opinion, this is the most realistic symbol of the crows.

So, in the future, whenever you hear a crow friend calling for you, it only wants to tell you that the time of change has come. It encourages you to make one step forward, to let go of your old self and to free yourself from all the things that are holding you back. It’s time to empower your true authentic self!

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