Many times there are situations in the home that with simple and easy tricks can be solved- read for this popular home tricks.

Here are some of these home tricks:

–Salt to enhance the aroma of coffee

In order for the ground coffee to recover its aroma, simply add a grain of salt to each cup of coffee.

–Mustard in perfect condition

If you want the open and dry mustard jar to be left in optimum condition, add a little vinegar and a pinch of sugar and then stir.

–Disappearing oil stains

If you want to remove oil stains on clothing, talcum powder should be applied to stains before washing. This will absorb the fat and disappear after washing.

–When by accident a meal is very salty

If for the sake of life, a meal has been salted, you should put a raw potato peeled and chopped. This will absorb enough excess salt and then the potato is removed and ready.

–Goodbye with the lime in the washing machine.

If you do not want the lime to accumulate in the washing machine, you should wash it with hot water and 3 liters of vinegar every two months. You can also place in each wash half a cup of vinegar to get rid of the lime.

-Pan back to life- home trick:

when a pan is a black base in the fat or because it burned, should boil some water with laundry detergent and then come off easily.

–An ecological and economical solution for the cleaning of the crystals

With the summer it is very easy that the dirt has accumulated in the crystals. To remove it, you must cut an onion in half and rub it on the glass. When it is dirty, you should cut a thin slice and then continue cleaning the glass. This one will be in perfect condition, without almost effort and with an economy for the pocket.

–The lemon: a solution to remove lime

To remove lime deposits from the bathtub or faucets, you should use a cotton soaked in natural lemon juice and then rub on the limes with lime and you will see the results.

Stripes on the wood may disappear

When small stripes are produced on the wood, they can be easily removed by applying a good coat of Vaseline and then making sure that this layer fills the grooves well. Leave to act for 24 hours. The excess petroleum jelly is then removed and the furniture is waxed.

–For the sweats and smells of the feet.

To remove sweat and bad odors from the feet nothing better than fine clay (without sand), which should be applied every morning inside the socks, socks or shoes

–Blanching the old clothes of the house

The old linen and sheets that are not used regularly acquire over the years a yellowish tone. To give them back their original whiteness, no bleach is used, as it would only make them even more yellow and damage the fabric. On the contrary, it should be washed with this homemade remedy: Before washing the garment, leave them a few hours to soak in a basin with raw milk. If the garment is too large, the milk can be diluted with water. If old clothing has spots of moisture, it will be removed by adding 1 dash of ammonia to the wash water.

Via: Natural Care Box