It’s interesting how sometimes your mind plays tricks on you. Your eyes see one thing, but your brain perceives something completely different, and together adds a sense of confusion and excitement. Scientists have done a lot of research on the topic of illusion and perception since the 19th century. They have made numerous simple illusions to help them discover the way our mind perceives different shapes and patterns. Their researchers led them to some theories explaining how our eyes tend to play tricks on our brains. What they’ve discovered was that our mind makes judgment about size using adjacent bits and pieces. This discovery allowed the scientists to realize how to manipulate the brain and to create certain illusions.

The picture that you are going to see below became total hit on the internet the moment it was uploaded. Look at the picture carefully and tell us, what do you see on it? Can you see a lot of lines and boxes? Well, that’s not what this picture really shows. Your mind has played tricks on you, and you are not the only one. Believe it or not, the image below has 16 circles. Some people are able to identify those circles and some aren’t.

Optical illusions work in the way that they make certain images that they technically don’t really exist. This is done by altering colors, light and other patterns. Their job is to confuse your mind. While your brain is trying to understand what your eyes see, an optical illusion produces perception that isn’t equal to the picture that is in front of you. Fascinating, right? But maybe the real trick is to manage to separate the illusion from the real image. Are you able to do that with this picture?

Just try it and let us know about the results!

Most People Can’t Find The Circles Hiding In This Image.

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