There is a close correlation with your smart mind and the ability to spell perfectly, but this is not always the case since there are many intelligent people who are poor at spelling.

Although there are people with reading disabilities, they are still able to receive information and are good in analytics because of the high IQ. Modern generation of people grew up with computers and spell checkers and this might be the reason why they are deficient in spelling ability.

There is a strong connection between a consumption of reading material and the ability to spell and the wide range of vocabulary, because people who want to read a lot have higher IQ.

Below there is a quiz which will show you some examples of how to spell any tricky word in English language. As you come across word through reading, you will be able to choose the correct spelling very easily. Some of the words are very simple and you will find them easy to spell, while other might be challenging and you will need to pause to write the answer.

If you get most of the answers correct, you will be considered as highly intelligent person with 142 IQ or even more! This means that you are excellent in analytic abilities, inquisitive nature and with philosophical tendencies as a characteristics of your intelligence. If, by any chance, you solve all questions right, you will be a person with above average IQ which is a characteristic of learning. If you fail… well, you need a bit more practice and start to read a lot or you will end up being a person who does not spell correctly but it is really smart.

Try the quiz and have fun while doing it!

Leave us a comment on your score!

Via: Sun-Gazing