The properties of fennel are unknown to many of us. The specialists do not have the necessary information and leave aside this highly beneficial plant. Here we tell you more about this food, its effects on our health and how to consume it in the right way to make the most of it.

Let’s know more about Fennel:

Fennel is scientifically named Foeniculum Vulgare and is native to Southern Europe. It is an edible plant, with white bulb, green stems and yellow flowers. From this plant, everything can be consumed and harvested, including seeds. It has a very particular flavor, aniseed, and is frequently used in soups.


It brings great nutritional and medicinal benefits , reason why it has been consumed for more than 3000 years. However, nowadays, its consumption decreases with the passage of time and is often forgotten by specialists, naturists and even dietologists.

Today we will know more about the properties of fennel and what are the most recommended uses if we want to make the most of it.

Properties of Fennel:

-It is highly recommended when it comes to losing weight. The properties of fennel provide satiety for longer. It is ideal for controlling anxiety and cravings as it reduces appetite.
-Regular consumption helps regulate blood pressure in people with high blood pressure.
-It is an effective treatment against gingivitis.
-Eating fennel helps reduce high levels of bad cholesterol.
-It is a powerful antioxidant: Due to its contribution of vitamin C, alanine and methionine.
-It strengthens our immune system.
-It has carminative properties: That is, it favors the expulsion of gases. Combats abdominal distension.
-It is a natural diuretic: Ideal for people suffering from rheumatism or want to combat fluid retention.
-Effective treatment against anemia: Provides high levels of iron and histidine.
-It is used to control whooping cough, cough and expectorant.
-Improves and balances digestive functions.
Combats stomach cramps.
-A diet rich in fennel for a few days, helps to detoxify the body. Eliminates toxins and residues lodged in the intestinal walls, while helping to filter the blood.
-It improves and helps control the body’s fever.
-It is an effective treatment against urinary tract infections.

Uses and consumption:

In addition to consuming its bulb, infusions can be made with the flowers and leaves of this plant. Fennel infusion is recommended for:

-Relieve nausea.
-Improve liver function.
-Relieve body aches.
-Improve and accelerate digestive processes.

Consume the bulb and you will get the following results:

-Due to its contribution in folic acid and iron, its consumption during pregnancy and lactation is recommended.

-It should also be consumed during menopause to relieve discomfort related to this stage.

The properties of fennel can also be exploited topically:

-Make a concentrated infusion of fennel and use it as a mouthwash. This helps to fight bad breath.
-The same infusion can be applied to the scalp to strengthen and promote growth.
-A soft infusion drop of fennel in each eye, works as eye drops to improve irritation, conjunctivitis and combat dry eye.

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