Saying “I love you” as well as showing your love for someone is an important part of every relationship. Besides all the ways in which you show your love, there are countless actions to secretly say that you want someone without even being aware of it. When you become aware of these actions, you can build a deeper relationship with your partner. A quick and easy way to discover the way you secretly show your love is this visual test. All you have to do is look at the picture and remember the first thing that you see.

Secret Way You Say "I love you"


If you saw the house first, it means that your home and your security are of great importance for you. You want to go out and have fun, but if you want to relax and feel happy, you need to spend time at your home surrounded by the people you love. The secret way you are expressing love is by cooking for the people you care about. You are constantly preparing food even if you are not hungry. You are really happy when you find a snack in your purse that you can share with your loved ones. Cooking or sharing your food is your personal and secret way of showing people how much you actually love them.


You are a real dreamer. You look like a really responsible person, and truly you are, but you want to fantasize and dream. You want to write, dance, to express yourself through art and to share it with the world. Your spiritual and creative side inspires and motivates you. The secret way you show love is through art. In every piece of art you create, you include your loved ones too. If it’s a poem, you dedicate it to them, if it’s a picture – you use colors and shapes that remind you of them. You rarely express love openly, so it is hidden in all your art works.


If you noticed the wolf first, you are a passionate person. The party starts as soon as you enter the room. When your friends come to your house, they can expect a dinner prepared by you without much effort. The secret way you express love is with touch. For you, the words “I love you” make no sense if you cannot touch the person you love. In your opinion, the touch tells you much more than the words. Little sweet gestures show others how much you actually care about them.


You’ve been hurt in the past. You are a person who feels things strongly than others. Because of this, things that are trivial for others can really hurt you. You still have hope, but you are hurt, and this is noticeable. The secret way you express love is by opening yourself to others. According to you, the best way to establish an intimate relationship with your partner is to show them all your weaknesses and fears. It’s good to say “I love you” and to do positive things, but you are not truly in love until you have shared your fears and hopes with your partner.


You possess highly developed intuition, great dreams, and you achieve all your goals. While everyone is busy with the details, you see the big picture and you know that at the end everything will be all right. You are a born leader and you can prove that. The secret way you show that you love someone is by dedicating your time to that person. It may not sound so romantic, but for you there is no better way to show love than spending all your free time with a person. You are constantly busy, so when a person becomes your priority, it means that you really love them.