Each body part has its own soul or its own consciousness.

This sentence, spoken by traditional medicine women, has made me do a little research and discover what it actually means. At the time I was suffering from severe chronic pain disorder and I tried to learn more about this amazing healing capacity of the human body.

I was wondering if it’s true that my body is really able to hear me… so I begun to talk to it in order to gain its cooperation in healing this condition.

The Path to Healing

One night, as I reached a state of complete calmness through meditation, I started an inward conversation with my body, hoping for the best, but having no idea what to expect. After approximately one hour of this attentive conversation, something incredible happened.

I felt that my tissues started to respond. I could feel that something was going on with my tissues and nerves independently of my conscious control. After a while, one of my paralyzed calf muscles (due to this neurotic condition known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) started to function again as electric-like jolts shot through this region.

I was so excited because I knew that the path to my healing from this condition had finally started.

Guidelines for Dynamic Healing

I possess some basic knowledge of Oriental medicine and acupuncture so I know how common this chronic pain is in the country where I live in. I continued with meditation and was feeling better and better every day. Thus I decided to help other people and organized a hypnotherapy for my clients.

The most important thing is to do a regular meditation practice where you will train your brain to enter alpha and theta brain wave states. As soon as you enable your mind to reach these states you will be able to communicate with your physical body without any problems.

Here are the three most important steps in order to gain the cooperation of the body:

  1. Talk to your body with real compassion, having in mind that it is consisted of conscious cells that experience emotions.
  2. Gain mutual trust and be honest with your body.
  3. Let the conversation change by using different words and thoughts that bring out spontaneous elevated emotions.

The Force of Human Intention

Cleve Backstair, a researcher who was studying biocommunication in human, animal and plant cells came to an incredible discovery.

For the aims of the study he had to find a way to induce a surge in electrical activity in one of the plants he had in his laboratory. This surge in electrical activity in plants is the same as intense emotions in humans. So, he attached the electrodes to one leaf of the plant and decided to burn the electrode leaf. The same moment this thought entered his mind, the polygraph showed an extreme reaction on the lead of the plant.

So it seems that our thoughts are so powerful that even plants can feel them.

Can Plants Become Connected to Their Primary Care Takers?

Then Backstair removed the machines for burning the plant and he saw that the plant started to calm down. When he wanted to repeat the same results by acting as if he was going to burn the plant, he didn’t notice any reaction. This means that the plant was able to sense the difference between artificial and real intent.

So, Backstair discovered that plants are able to feel and respond to the positive and negative emotions and thoughts of their care takers. He also found out that plants react to the emotions of their primary care takers more than to the emotions of other people.

Signs of Consciousness

Later on, Backstair decided to expand his research and test human cells to see if there is some conscious response in them.
He gathered white blood cells from people who wanted to donate them. He put them in a test tube and electroded them. He recorded the reactions of the cells when the donors felt different emotional states. He discovered that the cells did not respond when the donor forced himself to experience some emotion but the emotions had to be spontaneous.

It’s very interesting that distance was irrelevant in these experiments. For instance, the electrode cells of all the donors were left in the lab, and they manifested different reactions to the different emotions that the donor felt throughout the day. To prove that there is a strict correlation between the electrical reactions in the cells and the stressful emotions of the donor, he made the donors keep a detailed log of all the stressful emotions experienced throughout the day or week.

Raw Creative Healing Ability

For these experiments Backstairs used equipment that screened out electromagnetic radiation – the typical energies used for transmission of information. The cells reacted as if there were no screens at all.

This means that the communication is carried by a field that is still unknown to the conventional science. According to some scientists we will soon understand this field because quantum physics develops quickly in the last period.

Quantum Entanglement is defined as a process where two atoms that have previously interacted with each other, still react as if they are connected even after they are separated by miles. This is the well known concept of oneness – the belief that everything in the nature is interdependent.

The meditation techniques I practice and teach evolve from this belief. I use my energy and focus it into a physical healing – a conversation that brings about spontaneous emotions and connects the physical body to the conscious mind. In this way the body feels the raw creative healing ability of our mind.

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